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About NVMS, Inc.

As the leading national vendor management company, NVMS offers a full range of inspection and preservation services utilized by a variety of industries including Residential and Commercial Lending, Valuation, Banking, Insurance and Asset Management.

Our national network of over 30,000 highly trained and professionally certified inspectors and field representatives will ensure that all your preservation and inspection needs are performed with precision and efficiency. Every NVMS service can be customized to meet your exact specifications and requirements.

The NVMS Leadership Team has over 65 years of cumulative industry experience and is proud to count Fortune 100 companies and GSE's in our portfolio of satisfied clients.

Our IT infrastructure is the industry standard when it comes to speed, reliability and cutting-edge technological advancements. This technology expertise which includes custom API’s, data mining, mobile applications and client specific solutions is one of the many ways that NVMS is set apart from our competition.

We manage the full spectrum of inspection, assessment and property preservation services needed by businesses in the Residential and Commercial Lending, Valuation, Banking, Insurance and Asset Management industries. We are committed and driven to be the industry leader and we do it extremely well, giving our clients the freedom and confidence to rely on NVMS to be their national source to “touch” any property located within the United States.

NVMS started as one man’s vision nearly twenty years ago and has grown to be an industry leader which today counts among its clients six of the top ten banks in the country. On any given day, NVMS is managing the performance of thousands of work orders throughout the United States and tens of thousands of inspection/preservation services each month.

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NVMS Nationwide Services

NVMS provides a vast array of residential and commercial preservation and inspection services for any location within the United States. Our property preservation and maintenance services cover everything from initial securing to winterization to full property preservation, please click on the link below for the services offered. With regards to our inspection services, NVMS offers a wide variety from Drive-By Exterior Inspections to in-depth and highly detailed 3D Tours of properties for valuation and real estate assessment needs. We offer the latest use of technology in our services including 360-degree photography which allows us to provide stunning walkthrough tours to give an intimate feel of any property.

Property Preservation

With regards to our property preservation and maintenance abilities, NVMS provides all needed services from initial securing to winterizations to full property preservation, please see below for the services offered:


NVMS will secure the property by changing all the locks on entry door and hanging a lockbox to provide future access – all in accordance with our client’s specific requirements. Board Ups are also completed upon request.


NVMS will winterize a home using industry standards to protect against freeze damage.

Eviction Services

Eviction Admin Service – NVMS will coordinate with the local authorities to schedule an eviction and confirm the municipal code requirements.
Eviction Lock Out Service – NVMS will meet the sheriff and complete the lock change.
Eviction Trashout – NVMS will remove the contents of the home in accordance with local laws and ordinances.

Cash for Keys

Includes the coordination with the borrower to exchange a check for the keys to the property per the client’s guidelines.

Repair Work

NVMS will provide bids for any repair and rehabilitation work needed on a property.

Sign Creation and Placement

NVMS can help with all your signage needs – from creating custom designs to manufacturing, shipping, and installing the signage. Using our in-house printing capability and our national field network, we can quickly place signs at any property in the U.S. We also offer follow-up services such as sign checks and sign removals.

Vacant Property Registration

NVMS will follow all local jurisdictional requirements to register vacant properties with the proper authorities.


When needed, NVMS can provide full demolition services for properties that are deemed as unfit for occupancy.

Lawn Service

NVMS offers full lawn service which includes lawn cut and removal of grass clippings, shrubbery trimming, weed whacking, and edging.

Maid Clean

NVMS will complete a maid service including floors (mop, vacuum, sweep), bathrooms (tub/shower, toilet, sink), kitchen (microwave, appliance surfaces, counters, sink) and windowsills. Special attention will be paid to thoroughly disinfecting all touched surfaces such as light switches, faucets, appliance handles and all cabinet and doorknobs. All mirrors, storm doors, and interior floor-level windows will also be cleaned.

Pool Maintenance

This service includes an initial assessment which will determine the current condition of the pool and if the pool needs to be drained, washed, treated, and refilled. We will then suggest a customized ongoing treatment plan designed to keep the pool in marketable condition. We can also provide a bid to secure the pool either by installing a lock on the perimeter fence or installing a pool cover.

Snow Removal

NVMS will remove any appreciable snow that falls at a property according to the client’s requirements. NVMS will provide a salt service to prevent ice buildup on walkways and driveways.

Recurring Services

NVMS will provide ongoing property maintenance checks to ensure that the home is in top marketable condition throughout its’ care with our firm.

Inspection Services

On the inspection side of the house, the list includes everything from Drive-By Exterior Inspections to in-depth and highly detailed 3D Tours of properties for valuation and real estate assessment needs:

Drive-By Exterior Inspection

NVMS will provide a customized exterior inspection report for the property and the surrounding neighborhood as well as a photo of the front of the home, the address and the street scene.

Occupancy Inspection

NVMS will complete an exterior inspection of the property to determine whether it is occupied or vacant. While completing the occupancy check, we will also assess the current condition of the property and the surrounding neighborhood.

QA Inspection

The Quality Assurance is an interior/exterior inspection to verify that a property is being maintained and marketed in the manner expected by the client.

Disaster Inspection

NVMS will visit a property or neighborhood as soon as possible after a natural disaster to assess any damages that the property may have incurred.

Collection Letter/Contact Attempt

Entails the delivery of a delinquency letter on behalf of a mortgage servicer to a homeowner who may be behind on their payments. The letter can be customized, but typically is comprised of a request for the mortgagor/occupant to call the contact number provided in the letter.

Insurance Inspection

Verifies that there are no outstanding defects or hazards on a property and that the property is substantially the same as the homeowner indicated during the application process.

Loss Draft Inspection

NVMS will visit the property to determine the percentage of repairs completed after an insurance claim has been made and rehab work has been authorized.

Property Rehab Inspection

Ensures that repairs to a property have been completed according to the professional standards expected by the client.

Construction Draw Inspection

NVMS will report on the percentage of work completed on a rehab or ground up construction project. We will also calculate the total dollar amount that should be released based on the work completed at the time of the inspection and indicate how much is remaining for future draws.


The PCR (Property Condition Report) is a full interior and exterior inspection that gives a complete look at the entire property inside and out.

NVMS Has The Right Team To Solve Any Business Problem

NVMS provides an extremely wide array of residential and commercial property inspection and preservation services nationwide. On the inspection side, the list includes everything from Drive-By Exterior Inspections to in-depth and highly detailed 3D Tours of properties for valuation and real estate assessment needs. With regards to our preservation abilities, NVMS covers everything from lock changes to full property preservation needs including lawn maintenance, debris removal, maid service, etc.

We offer the latest use of technology in our services including 360-degree photography which allows NVMS to provide stunning walk through tours and even doll house technology to give an intimate feel of any property regardless of the location. Please click on the link below for a sample:




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