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NVMS, Inc. sees that system integration and ease of data access has become a necessity in this day and age.

Our custom Web Services offer many new enhancements in our updated application. Clients can receive orders and pictures in standard SOAP 1.1/2 messaging protocol or as a straight XML file. We have also given you access to retreive order status by service along with the option of just retreiving pictures or just the report. For those .NET users we also offer your data in standard DataSet format for easy processing. View the WSDL of our Web Services 2.0 ...

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  • 5/25/2017 :: Castlerock Update
    Please be sure to read through all procedures for any Castlerock orders as the procedures have been updated. Please also make sure to provide a bid for lawn cuts on the bid sheet provided.

    Thank you!
    NVMS Vendor Management Team 

"We've found NVMS to be the most reliable property preservation and inspection management company in the industry. Their customer service and technology set them apart from everyone else."
- Doug Williamson, VP Asset Management, Origen Servicing, Inc.
  • Mobile Reporting over almost any modern smart phone browser.
  • We have over 30,500 Field Representatives and we're currently adding over 30 a week.
  • Member of NAMFS since 2003.
  • Highly customized management system.
  • Online application developed for Web 2.0 and compatible with 98% of today's browsers.
  • The most user friendly management system in the US.